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BHP Billiton and Mozal A Case Solution

Case Solution

BHP Billiton, the earth's biggest varied resource company at the beginning of the twenty-first century, started a feasibility study in 1995 for building an aluminum smelter project within the Maputo province in southern Mozambique-among the world's weakest nations which was hampered by fragile legal, financial, and health, safety, environment, and community institutional structures and capacity. BHP Billiton was dedicated to sustainable development and thought that social and environment performance were critical factors running a business success. BHP Billiton thought firmly that sustainable development involved engaging and joining up using its community stakeholders to deal with the difficulties connected with creating resource projects and also to share the advantages of success. Was this possible in Mozambique, because of the nation's social and political challenges, the prevalence of malaria and Aids, and also the weak infrastructure? Acknowledging that stakeholders were built with a role to experience in achieving a effective and sustainable project, BHP Billiton adopted this slogan for that project: "Together we really make a difference." The organization known as the work "Mozal." But would or is it effective? And also at what cost?This can be a Darden case study.

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