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Case of the Unidentified Industries 2006 Case Solution

Case Solution

Within this case, the proportion balance sheet plus some ratios received for 14 different industries. The industries are recognized based on their different capital structure, resource needs, AR collection period, liquidity ratios and profitability ratios. For instance, our prime leverage of firm �N� and it is receivable and payables pattern were much like a commercial bank. The main city intensive figures of firm �M� were much like an air carriers company. The zero inventory amounts of firms �E� and �G� demonstrated these are service companies. Thus, the distinguishing procedures of various industries permitted identification of all of the 14 firms.

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Questions Covered

Try to match the 14 firms operating in the 14 industries named below with the 14 sets of financial data presented in Exhibit 1. Use any approach you find helpful.

Why do each of the industries have the patterns of asset use revealed in Exhibit 1? The sources of financing? The profitability? The inventory turnover? The accounts receivable collection period?