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Coronet Savings and Loan Case Solution

Case Solution

As Burke sits in his office searching for an answer for the issue raised amid the meeting, he needs to choose two things; firstly is the thing that sort of securities ought to the organization bargain in, and furthermore, what ought to be the most ideal approach to manage the organization's money related danger without trading off a lot on the benefits. He directed a careful proportion investigation of the organization's financials and contrasted them with the business to get a thought of how the business sector is acting, and where the organization remains in examination. He then utilized the consequences of these investigations to get a reasonable photo of the entire circumstance. He then, utilizing the business as a benchmark, consolidated all the data into significant suggestions.

Excel Calculations

·         Ratios

·         Return on Net Worth

·         Ratios to Total Assets

·         Coronet Income Statement                                       

·         Balance Sheet                                                  

·         Maturity

·         Investments     

·         Loans   

·         Deposits             

·         Borrowed Funds             

·         Funds Available/ (Required)

Questions Covered

1.       Use ratio analysis to compare Coronet to the industry. Identify Coronet's strengths and weaknesses.

2.       Prepare a gap analysis.

3.       Recommend Policy