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Deciding Who Decides The Debate Over a Gay Photo Exhibit in a Madison School A Case Solution

Case Solution

When instructors in a Madison, Wisconsin elementary school announce intends to mount a photo exhibit featuring families with gay or lesbian parents, school system superintendent Cheryl Wilhoyte faces a vexing decision. She knows well the exhibit is going to be questionable and can likely offend people from the community, especially several conservative Christian parents. She knows, too, that liberal instructors will see the problem as you including academic freedom, keyed towards the school's system's "anti-prejudice" curriculum. Within this leadership case, the superintendent have to research, essentially, whether and/or how you can decide. If this should be considered a school-level decision? Or will it demand her very own intervention? They must even choose what grounds she should base her decide about whether or not to get involved. The case is helpful for discussions of leadership inside a decentralized atmosphere, in addition to problems with how government bodies must cope with cultural conflict inside a public sector context. HKS Case Number 1440.

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