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Digital Media Group Case Solution

Case Solution

In December 2008, Thomas G. Tsao, acting CEO of Digital Media Group (DMG), a venture-backed provider of technology and media used mainly in subways, have to research how you can structure the business's bid for that advertising concession in Shanghai's 13 existing and planned subway lines. This really is complicated because he is another general partner in Gobi Partners, certainly one of DMG's biggest traders. The organization is putting in a bid against its biggest competitor, that also looked into obtaining DMG a couple of several weeks before. DMG has hardly any cash, and also the openly exchanged competitor knows it. So how exactly does Tom structure the bid? So how exactly does he obtain the money for this? So how exactly does he manage the organization, given its lack of ability to draw in a CEO and the firm's must have an exit? Lastly, so how exactly does he manage his duties - to his firm, his limited partners, his co-traders, and the organization?

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