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Gardenburger Advertising Strategy A Case Solution

Case Solution

In 1997, Lyle Hubbard, CEO of Garden hamburger, a producer and internet marketer of veggie hamburgers and meat alternative items, had known as together his executive team to go over Garden burger's advertising strategy, which for now had comprised mainly of print advertisements in food service trade guides, industry events, off-invoice promotions with marketers, in-store sampling, and radio advertising. When Hubbard showed up at Garden hamburger, he'd wanted to produce a quickly growing, highly lucrative company if you take veggie hamburgers from the small health food niche towards the consumer mainstream. He thought that answer to accomplishing this strategy was creating national distribution within the biggest funnel, the grocery funnel (which Garden hamburger had only permeated 30% by the start of 1996) finding with flavor variety (but generally concentrating on the veggie patty versus. growing into other meat options) and creating broad consumer awareness and trial.

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Questions Covered

1.       Problem Statement

2.       Possible Alternatives

3.       Discussion of advantages and Disadvantages of Proposed Alternatives

4.       Catering to Both Segments

5.       Sticking to Niche Market

6.       Recommended Action Plan