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IDEO Product Development Case Solution

Case Solution

Describes IDEO, the earth's leading product design firm, and it is innovation culture and process. Emphasis is positioned around the natural part of prototyping and experimentation generally, as well as in the style of the effective Palm V handheld computer particularly. A studio leader is requested with a business start-up (Handspring) to build up a singular hands-held computer (Visor) in under 50 % of time it required to build up the Palm V, needing several cutting corners to IDEO's legendary innovation process. Concentrates on: prototyping and experimentation practices in a leading product developer, the function of a sense of fun, discipline, and structure in innovation processes and the managing challenges of making and controlling an abnormally creative and innovative company culture. Includes color exhibits. To improve their effectiveness, color cases ought to be printed colored.

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Questions Covered

What is IDEO’s value proposition for Palm V? That is, what value does Palm expect to gain from IDEO’s service?

Was IDEO able to deliver on this value proposition? How?

Identify the creative solutions implemented in the engineering and design of Palm V. How did they come about? How were the problems identified and the solutions developed? What were the costs and benefits of these creative solutions?

Describe the steps in the “knowledge funnel” for the development of Palm V. Were these steps serendipitous or predictable? Why?

Does IDEO manage and/or facilitate the perception-imagination relationship? Provide specific examples.