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Knowledge Management at Cap Gemini Ernst & Young Case Solution

Case Solution

Cap Gemini (CG) bought the talking to unit of Ernst & Young (E&Y) in May 2000 to accomplish physical presence (CG was mainly European and E&Y was well situated within the American market). The resulting firm, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young (CGE&Y), was heavily according to knowledge to operate the company in addition to complete the combination process effectively. The knowledge management (KM) model and encounters each firm adopted just before the acquisition were substantially different when it comes to business structure, technological platforms, and contribution systems. However, these variations appeared to enhance one another. Nonetheless, assembling the 2 knowledge management initiatives wasn't always easy. Determining the knowledge management approach that CGE&Y should follow was both essential along with a challenge.

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Questions Covered

1. a)What would you say is the value proposition for the combined CGE&Y entity?  b) What role does Knowledge Management (KM) play in achieving this value?

2. What problems do you anticipate in the implementation of the Knowledge Management strategy given the different cultures in the two companies?

3. a) What key “success factors” can you identify in the Ernst & Young Knowledge Management strategy?  b) How would you “export” them to Cap Gemini?

4. Would you advise Alberto Almansa to renew the Center for Business Knowledge (CBK) agreement or not and why?