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Manchester Products A Brand Transition Challenge Case Solution

Case Solution

When students possess the British-language PDF of the Brief Case inside a course pack, they'll also can buy an audio version. In The month of January of 2005, Manchester Items Corporation., a longtime leader at work furniture that just lately joined in to the household furniture market, acquired Paul Logan's Furniture Division (PLFD). The purchase of PLFD made Manchester an immediate market leader in pieces of furniture. A vital element in the need for PLFD continues to be the title of the organization founder -- perhaps the premiere title in high-finish fashion and add-ons, along with a true lifestyle brand. However, Manchester has acquired privileges to make use of the Paul Logan brand for just 3 years. Jason Adams, Vice president of promoting for Manchester, accounts for creating an agenda to transition the company in the Paul Logan title to Manchester. He or she must get the optimal timing and sequencing of the trademark transition, measure the implications, and establish the right mixture of advertising and promotion programs to aid the transition.

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Questions Covered

How would you characterize the household furniture industry?

What are the benefits and risks associated with the acquisition of PLFD?

What are the marketing problems raised by the brand transition?

Which of the three brand transition options outlined in the case (or, a fourth one that you develop) should Adams recommend?

Do you agree with Adams‟s budget estimates and allocations?

What recommendations would you make to Manchester management for 2005 promotions and advertising plan?