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Reed Supermarkets A New Wave of Competitors Case Solution

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Reed Grocery stores is really a high-finish supermarket chain with procedures in a number of Midwestern states. Meredith Collins, VP f promoting, visits stores situated in Columbus, Ohio, an essential region using the biggest market and also the finest effect on revenue growth. She's worried about elevated competition from dollar stores and limited-assortment stores offering really low, appealing cost points. Reed's researching the market implies that consequently from the economic recession, customer loyalty is dwindling and customers are prepared to visit multiple stores for the greatest deals. Collins have to research whether or not to alter the current marketing and positioning plan in order to increase share of the market to satisfy challenging corporate targets. Her options include retreating from cost competition and concentrating on quality or adopting more private-label brands and competing more strongly on cost. She will also keep up with the current positioning and attract clients searching for an excellent shopping experience. The case consists of an implicit quantitative assignment that teachers can stress as far as they choose.

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Background 2

Problem Statement 3

SWOT Analysis. 3

Strengths. 4

Weaknesses. 4

Opportunities. 5

Threats. 5

Marketing Strategy analysis. 6

Competitor analysis. 6

Analysis of BrandinG Strategy. 7

Recommended Strategy. 7

Marketing Strategy. 7

Branding Strategy. 8

Competitor Straetgy. 8

Conclusion  8