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This short article features a one-page preview that rapidly summarizes the important thing ideas and offers an introduction to the way the concepts work used together with recommendations for further reading through. Companies routinely throw away their most precious resource--time of the top professionals. Within the typical company, senior professionals meet to go over technique for only three hrs per month. Which time is poorly put in diffuse discussions never even designed to lead to any decision. The cost of misused executive time is high. Postponed proper choices result in overlooked waste and costs, dangerous cost cutbacks, skipped cool product and business development possibilities, and poor lengthy-term opportunities. But a couple of stealthily simple changes in the manner top management teams set agendas and structure team conferences could make a massive improvement in their effectiveness. Efficient companies use seven strategies to take full advantage of time their top professionals spend together. They keep strategy conferences outside of conferences centered on procedures. They explore issues through written communications before they meet, to ensure that meeting time can be used exclusively for reaching choices. In setting agendas, they rank the significance of the items based on its possibility to create value for the organization. They aim to get issues not just on, but additionally off, the agenda rapidly, sticking to a obvious implementation timetable. They make certain they've considered all viable options before determining a strategy. They will use a typical language and methodology for reaching choices. Plus they insist that when a choice is created, they stay with it.

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