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Three Cultures of Management The Key to Organizational Learning Case Solution

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So why do a lot of organizations neglect to learn? Based on the author, such failures might be triggered not by potential to deal with change, human instinct, or poor leadership, but by the possible lack of communication among three cultures: operating, engineering, and executive. The culture of operators is depend-ant on human interaction. Operators could use their learning capability to thwart management's efforts to enhance productivity. The engineering culture signifies the look aspects of we've got the technology underlying the business and just how we've got the technology will be used. The manager culture involves maintaining an organization's financial health insurance and handles boards, traders, and capital marketplaces. Based on the author, when organizations make an effort to redesign or reinvent themselves, the cultures collide and failure happens. Professionals and engineers are task focused and think that individuals are the issue. Professionals band together and depersonalize their workers. Professionals and engineers can't agree regarding how to make organizations are more effective and keep costs lower. Each culture must learn to learn and also to evaluate its very own culture. Then enough mutual understanding should be produced one of the cultures to evolve solutions that groups can invest in.

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