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What Happened at Citigroup A Case Solution

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In 1998, the Vacationers Group and Citicorp merged to produce Citigroup Corporation., considered the very first true global financial supermarket, along with a business design to become envied, feared and copied. By year-finish 2006 the firm were built with a market capital of $274 billion, with $1.9 trillion in assets and $24.6 billion in earnings. But 10 years following the merger it led to tears. In This summer of 2009, the firm was effectively nationalized, with vast amounts of dollars in bailout money converted to a 34% possession stake for that U.S. government. Citigroup was worth under $16 billion, getting lost greater than $250 billion in value from the peak. This case examines Citi's business design, challenges it faced, its leadership and key choices to higher know very well what led towards the failure of probably the most effective financial firms on the planet.

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