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Managers once frustrated casual interaction among employees, viewing it as being a distraction from real work. Today we all know that chance encounters at work promote cooperation and innovation, and firms craft their floor plans and cultures with this thought. How come their careful, well-intentioned efforts frequently go wrong? Good sense, it works out, is really a poor guide if this involves creating for interaction. Work spaces inspire informal encounters only when they correctly balance three factors which have both physical and social aspects:  (1) Closeness: Spaces should naturally bring people together (2) Privacy: People must have the ability to control use of their conversations and themselves  (3) Permission: The social reason for the area must be apparent, and also the business culture should signal that non work interactions are not only approved but urged. Allowing the right conditions is challenging enough within the physical world doing the work inside a virtual atmosphere is even harder. But asking employees to create Skype, IM, along with other programs to point their availability can replicate a feeling of closeness online. Setting obvious guidelines regulating use of electronic communications helps convey reassurance that privacy remains safe and secure. And departing video links and virtual offices open encourages the sensation that geographically disparate groups are thanks for visiting build relationships each other delicately, just like they may inside a real-world common space. There is no simple formula for balancing closeness, privacy, and permission either in the physical or virtual spheres. Managers who keep the basic principles and style spaces with balance in your mind, however, will improve outfitted to know and predict the results of various spaces on interactions, and also to study from their achievements and inevitable mistakes.

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