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Yla Eason A Case Solution

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In 1985, Yla Eason was shocked by her youthful son's comment he could not be a "super hero" because all superheroes were whitened. Concerned that her boy had already limited his aspirations consequently of his race, she looked futilely to have an African-American super hero toy. The Harvard Master of business administration soon recognized that they had found an essential unmet need--along with a potential untrained market. Within several weeks, Eason had carried out researching the market, guaranteed traders, and produced a prototype African-American super hero toy on her new company, Olmec Toys. She contacted the main toy store purchasers to pitch her product, only to discover an un-receptive, skeptical audience. Purchasers responded when ethnically correct dolls were sought after, the large toy producers would currently have manufactured them. Just how can Eason open buyers' eyes towards the shifting market and natural business chance?

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