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Yum China Case Solution

Case Solution

Because the first KFC opened up in China later, Yum--under Mike Su's leadership--had built the biggest restaurant company undoubtedly in landmass China. Calculating one new restaurant opening each day within the last 5 years, this year Yum went over 3,600 restaurants in 650 metropolitan areas and employed over 250,000 people, most of them university students within their first jobs. Within the third quarter of 2010, Yum China's revenues surpassed U.S. revenues the very first time and lots of experts expected that Yum's China business--driven with a quickly growing middle-class--could be two times as huge as its U.S. business within 5 years. Before hurrying to open 1000's more stores, Su wondered what the organization must do to forestall a few of the problems negatively effecting the short food industry in the western world.To increase their effectiveness, color cases ought to be printed colored.

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1. Introduction
2. Problem Statement
3. Strategic Alternatives
4. Recommended Action Plan